Doug Jones Insists Del Toro Did Not Steal Scene in ‘The Shape of Water’

Doug Jones

‘The Shape of Water’ is All Original

Del Toro Didn’t Steal Nothin’!!!

2/11/2018 7:21 AM PST

Doug Jones, the guy who plays the Amphibian man in “The Shape of Water,” is steadfast … director Guillermo Del Toro didn’t steal anything.

We got Jones Saturday night in Hollywood leaving Theater West, where he pooh-poohed reports that Del Toro lifted a scene from the 1991 film, ‘Delicatessen.”

Jones insists the film — which is nominated for Best Picture — is all original.  Del Toro is also nominated for Best Director. 

Truth be told … Jones doesn’t really know much about the allegation that Del Toro stole a scene, but says he knows enough about his director to know it’s not true. 

Check out the 2 scenes in question — from “The Shape of Water” and “Delicatessen” … and judge for yourself. 

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