Harvey Weinstein Denies Sex Trafficking Allegations

Harvey Weinstein

I’m a Lot of Things

But Sex Trafficker Ain’t One of ’em!

1/30/2018 3:45 PM PST


Harvey Weinstein says actress Kadian Noble is way off base with her allegation he engaged in sex trafficking when she met him in his Cannes hotel room.

Weinstein is responding to Noble’s lawsuit, and insists there was no exchange of money or movie roles for sex during the alleged 2014 incident. 

As we reported, Noble claims Weinstein lured her to Cannes to discuss her future in the biz. In her lawsuit, she said Weinstein forced her to masturbate him and he groped her. In her suit against Harvey, his brother Bob and TWC, she said that was sex trafficking because Harvey enticed to make an international trip by promising movie roles.

In docs, Weinstein says that’s absurd because he made no such promises, and Noble is merely speculating he regularly did this to other women. He adds … the alleged incident Noble described is only a sexual assault, not sex trafficking.

He wants a judge to toss the whole suit.

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