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Simon Cowell’s Neighbor Goes Nuts On Mogul about Parking, Threats Caught on Video

Simon Cowell’s Neighbor

Goes Crazy on Mogul for Blocking House

Threats Caught on Video

12/7/2017 10:16 AM PST

Simon Cowell‘s London neighbor went ballistic outside Simon’s home Tuesday night, threatening to smash cars with a golf club.

The neighbor was apparently pissed off at Simon for parking in front of his house.

The neighbor came out of his home wielding a golf club as he hurled insults in the direction of Simon’s mansion, saying, “He’s a twat. I hate him.”

The guy seems to carry a grudge over Simon’s fame, apparently believing Simon can get away with things non-famous people can’t.

Cops were called to diffuse the situation.

Cowell was home and actually appears on the video, joking that he’s having “just a bit” of trouble with his neighbor. 

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