Margot Robbie & Tonya Harding Hangout Together at ‘I, Tonya’ Premiere

Margot Robbie & Tonya Harding

We, Tonyas

In Party Mode!!!

12/6/2017 7:39 AM PST

Check your kneecaps at the door — Tonya Harding and Margot Robbie, the woman playing Tonya Harding, were hanging out together for the premiere of the Tonya biopic.

Margot and Tonya were face-to-face and even cheek-to-cheek at Tuesday night’s “I, Tonya” event in Los Angeles. Critics are already applauding Margot’s performance, but more importantly Tonya herself seems to dig it. As we know, ya don’t wanna be on her bad side.

Tonya and Margot met during filming — the skater gave the actress a few tips. The duo was all smiles and posed for pics with the rest of the cast. Hard to tell who’s more starstruck here.

Sorry, did we say struck? 

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