Rob Gronkowski Getting Suspended For ‘Cheap Shot’ Would Be Crazy, Says S.B. Champ

Rob Gronkowski

Suspension Would Be Absurd

… Says Super Bowl Champ

12/4/2017 9:50 AM PST


There’s no way Gronk should be suspended for his controversial hit on a Bills player … so says former Super Bowl champ Jermaine Wiggins, who thinks anyone saying otherwise is just a Patriots hater.

TMZ Sports spoke with Wiggins about the Gronk backlash after he hit Tre’Davious White during Sunday’s game, and he says if the NFL wants to remain consistent — and be fair — with its punishment, Gronkowski shouldn’t be suspended a single minute.

Wiggins does admit it was a “dirty play” and “cheap shot” … but says “cheap shots happen in the game all the time.”

Wiggins goes on to say that if the league hits Gronk with a suspension … it’s more proof the league hates the Pats.

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